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Things to do while at the Oregon Coast

On the top of my list of things to do: Simply spend hours walking & playing on our beach or just sit for an hour and watch the sun go down.  Then come back later when it's full dark. Walking by moonlight on the beach is an experience not to be missed; there is no light pollution, so a full moon casts your shadow as if it were daylight.  And the sight of the stars in a truly dark sky, accompanied by the sounds of the surf, is something you will not soon forget.

Other activities:

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Despite the tiny size of Pacific City, a small  fishing town 4 miles south of our house, there are a surprising number of excellent restaurants as well as "basics": a small-but-well-stocked grocery store featuring fresh-caught local fish as well as its own open-air fresh vegetable/fruit market in the summer; DVD rental; a superb bakery & cafe called "The Grateful Bread"; a sporting goods store; recreational equipment rental shops; art galleries, curio shops, etc.

Home of the Dory Fleet!
 Doryboat Rides and/or fishing trips are available.  This is truly an adventure; the fishing dories, flat-bottom boats with high sides, launch directly into the surf from the beach at beautiful Cape Kiwanda.  On return, loaded with the catch of the day, they head full-throttle onto the beach to a sand-slide stop!  Come for Dory Days, in July, when the whole fleet is launched.               back to top

Kayaks, Aquabikes, Boogieboards, Wetsuits, etc.
are available for rent in Pacific City.

Surfing Lessons, Surfboard Rental
:  Cape Kiwanda is a Major Surfing Mecca (dude)…at least in our own small way…

Scenic Boat Trips & Fishing Expeditions
up the pastoral Nestucca River, which wanders its way through farmland and woodlands into the Coast Range; depart from Pacific City.

Crabbing & Clamming
in Nestucca Bay (Pacific City) or Netarts Bay (past Cape Lookout).                back to top

Fishing, Fishing, Fishing!!

River fishing
in the Trask, Nestucca,and Wilson rivers.
Deep sea fishing charters from Pacific City, Tillamook, and Garibaldi.
Fly fishing in the Kilchis River.
Dory-boat ocean fishing, launching from the beach at Cape Kiwanda. Surf fishing for perch from the beach at Tierra del Mar. The locals fish for salmon, steelhead, trout, tuna, halibut, rock fish, ling cod, sea bass…and on and on!

Sightseeing Flights
along the coastline are available in Tillamook. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience, flying in a fully restored, 4-passenger 1942 "Stinson Reliant" or a 1928 restored 2-passenger biplane, "Red Baron" attire provided! Unique whale-watching opportunity! Pacific City has a small airstrip, just in case you happen to own your own plane…

Horseback Riding:
Ride down the beach, around the bay, through the dunes and forested trails. A great way to see it all on horseback. See seals, deer, coyotes and many birds. Serene and peaceful, a great way to enjoy nature. (Oregon Beach Rides, Pacific City).                                    back to top

Oregon Scenic Railroad:
Enjoy the beautiful Oregon Coast line by riding the rail behind a 1910 Heisler Steam Locomotive. This scenic trip chugs along Tillamook Bay and gives passengers views of the ocean.

Hang Gliding Lessons:
Cape Kiwanda is one of the 2 Oregon locations where lessons are offered by the Oregon Hang Gliding School.                              back to top

Tillamook Air Museum:
One of America's finest collection of over 30 War Birds including our P-38 Lightning, P-47 Thunderbolt, F4U-Corsair, P51-Mustang, PBY Catalina, B-25 Mitchell Bomber, and SBD Dauntless dive bomber. Climb into a jet simulator! Have lunch at the 40/50's Café or check out the Aviation Gift Shop. All housed in a rare World War II Blimp Hangar...the largest wooden structure in the world!

Tillamook Cheese Factory
, Blue Heron Cheese Factory, both offering tours & tasting as well as a multitude of museums within a short drive including the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, Garibaldi Museum, Latimer Quilt and Textile Center.

Nearby courses include Neskowin Beach Golf Course, Salishan Golf Course, Chinook Winds Golf Course, Alderbrook Golf Course, and Bay Breeze Golf Course.         back to top

Wine Tasting:
Stop off at one (or a few) of the multitude of wineries in Yamhill County or along the coast. Many have tours of the winery as well as tasting rooms.

Three Capes Road Scenic Drive
: This is a spectacular 40-mile drive or bike ride. It runs from Pacific City, past our houses, all the way to Tillamook, passing spectacular Cape Lookout, Netart’s Bay (fishing/crabbing), the very photogenic town of Oceanside (Roseanne’s Cafe has great food and great desserts!), the Cape Meares Lighthouse and Wildlife Preserve, the "Octopus Tree," and finally the remains (not much) of Bay Ocean - a planned "Atlantic City" that was built on a spit of land that - you guessed it - slowly sunk into the sea.

Lots of great walking spots: 

Walk south along our beach for about 3 miles and you come to the north side of Cape Kiwanda.  You can climb up it and roll down the dunes or sneak in a small archway and see tidepools. At high tide this becomes a "punchbowl" where the force of the incoming waves is trapped and explodes, geyser-like, through the arch. A tremendously awesome view from the top of the cape, looking down at the breakers crashing into the punchbowl, relentlessly carving the rocky formations and stacks that can only be seen by those who have climbed to the vantage point atop the cape.                    back to top

Be careful with the kids though – there’s no warning signs/fences and there’s a huge sheer drop off the other side. 

You can walk over the cape and Pelican Pub (restaurant) is right there. 
Walk north on our beach for a couple miles from our house, and you come to an huge estuary, an extremely wonderful place!  Countless species of birds - herons, eagles, pelicans, cormerants, sandpipers to name just a few- as well as seals and occasionally a fox.                               back to top

The seals will often follow you partway home - they are especially curious if you have a dog - peeking their heads out of the breakers at you every few minutes as you walk along. There is also a creek/river (depending on time of year/tide). 

Bring binoculars if you have them.  It’s a nesting spot for heron and all sorts of birds (luckily nesting areas are secluded so dogs aren’t a problem in the main part of the estuary).
Cape Lookout is about 10 miles north.  If you’re more intrepid than me (and don't mind getting wet), at low tide, you can cross the outlet creek from the estuary and can get there by walking along the beach.  But if you drive or bike along Three Capes Road, there’s a place to park and a trailhead.  The trail is relatively easy 3 miles through beautiful native forest to the end of the cape.  Again, a truly spectacular view and classic whale watching vantage.                         back to top
About halfway to Tillamook is a sweet, almost-unknown place called Munson Falls.  It’s a short, level, easy walk to the 319-foot falls ( the tallest in the Coast Range) through ancient western red cedar and Sitka spruce.  Good for kids, older folks, and nice calm serenity.
Cascade Head is south of Pacific City about 10 miles. Beautiful hiking trail out to spectacular wide open bluffs overlooking the ocean at the end of the cape.  It’s a bird sanctuary though, so dogs are not allowed.

Festivals, Fairs, and Frivolities:

Tierra Del Mar Art Show and Fair (Tierra del Mar)
Dory Days (Pacific City)
Birding and Blues Festival (Pacific City)
Whale Watching Spoken Here (Pacific City)
Reach the Beach Bike Race (Pacific City)
Brewers Summer Games (Pacific City)
Cape Kiwanda Hang Glider "Fly In" (Pacific City)
Independence Day Fireworks (Pacific City)
Pig-N-Ford Races (Tillamook)
June Dairy Parade (Tillamook)
Tillamo ok County Rodeo (Tillamook)
Moograss - Bluegrass/Acoustic Festival (Tillamook)
Tillamook County Fair (Tillamook)

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Click here to see list of local "things to do" websites

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