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We are off the Beaten Path… due west of Portland!

For 40 miles Highway 101 turns inland between Tillamook and Lincoln City.

Tierra Del Mar is located in the middle of a very quiet 10- to 15-mile stretch of white sandy beach that runs from Cape Kiwanda to Cape Lookout.

Running along the coastline, and unknown to most travelers, is beautiful Three Capes Road. Nestled in the 15-mile stretch between Cape Kiwanda and Cape Lookout, is the secluded village of Tierra Del Mar. Its location on this little-known coastal road shelters this nook of the coast from hordes of beach-seekers, although it is located due west of Portland.

This is the Oregon Coast of the old days…even at the height of the summer season you can usually walk for miles without encountering another person.

At one end of the beach is an estuary, a favorite for countless species of sea birds - herons, eagles, cormorants, etc., as well as nesting areas for many. It is also extremely popular with the seals, who will often follow you, keeping just off shore, as you walk along the beach, popping their heads up to watch your progress. A lovely return trip from the estuary is to walk along the numerous remote trails that run from the estuary through the delicate shore pine/grassland/dunes area that parallels the beach and connect to Tierra del Mar.

At the other end of the beach is the stunningly beautiful, remote north side of Cape Kiwanda. You can glimpse into the cave opening into a "punchbowl" - especially spectacular at high tide - or view the tidepools at low tide. A climb to the top of the enormous sandy dune - great for rolling down, by the way! - rewards you with views of the breath-taking rock formations of the cape below. You actually can continue over the cape and walk down the other side, ending up at the Pelican Pub, a favorite for lunch.

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